Man behind the food:Amalthea Greek Bistro

Constantinos, head chef & Eva, recipe developing & digital food marketing

”We often celebrate the fact that Leeds is such a multicultural city that allows its residents to literally travel around the world with their taste buds. With that in mind, we are focusing on an area known for being rich in history and culture, and the cradle of civilisation no less: Greece!

Amalthea Greek Bistro in Adel is an independent Greek-owned family restaurant founded late 2016 by General Manager Ioannis Papatzikakis (John) and Eva Chatzopoulou. They are joined by John’s sister, Georgia Papatzikaki, and their amazing chef, Constantinos Tsapanidis. All four share a passion for food and a drive to make Amalthea the best Greek restaurant in Leeds.”

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