Greek Language Lessons

Learn Greek with the team of Amalthea Greek Bistro!

Would you like to learn Greek in a warm and friendly environment – like you are on a Greek island?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful being able to speak some basic Greek for your next holidays? Due to popular demand Amalthea has organized Greek lessons for beginners.

The lessons will take place on the following dates:

1st class: 2/10 from 7.30PM to 9.30PM

2nd class: 16/10 from 7.30PM to 9.30PM

3rd class: 30/10 from 7.30PM to 9.30PM

4th class: 13/11 from 7.30PM to 9.30PM

5th class: 27/11 from 7.30PM to 9.30PM

6th class: 11/12 from 7.30PM to 9.30PM

What you will learn:

The alphabet, numbers, days of the week, months, seasons, colours, foods, drinks, ordering food at restaurants, means of transport, asking for directions or departures/arrivals,  making bookings in hotels/restaurants, introducing yourself and…some songs

Lessons will continue for three months for students who are interested.

Cost: £31.50 incl. VAT per lesson if you book six lessons in advance (10%OFF, or £170.00 instead of £189.00).

Book online 1 lesson:

Book online 6 lessons (10% OFF):

If you have any questions please email us at [email protected]  or call us at 0113 267 2888.

What the cost includes:

– two hour lesson which includes a 25-minute break

-a coffee/tea/soft drink with cakes or sandwiches during the break


-lyrics of the songs you will learn to sing with us

What you need to bring with you:

Just a notepad and a pen and good mood!

*At the end of the classes a party with Greek dances, songs and meze will be held for all students (language and dance groups) but further information will be shared closer to the date.


**Terms and Conditions apply. You can check them on the following link :