Festive Greek Game Dishes & other Specialities

On mainland and mountainous Greece, there are numerous duck, pheasant, rabbit, wild boar and venison dishes which are very popular, particularly for big celebrations such as Christmas and Easter. Game (‘kenege’ – (κυνήγι) as we call it in Greece) is a big thing for people in mainland villages. Other uncommon meats, such as goat and ox tongue, are also present on festive tables.

There are hundreds of game dishes. Often dried fruits are used as well as sweet preserves. In the festive period try some of our favourite recipes featuring game and other unusual cuts of meat. Of course, for vegans and vegetarians, Mediterranean cuisine boasts many meat free dishes too. Most of the main ingredients of festive Greek dishes are vegetarian anyway: olive oil, olives, honey, currants, chestnuts, figs, quinces, oranges and pine nuts.

Of course not everyone is so adventurous so we also offer a traditional Greek menu alongside the adventurous dishes. We hope that we cover almost every taste.

There is no better period to discover new things than Christmas. It is the time when every cuisine around the world pulls out all the stops. So, try something new!

We look forward to welcoming the traditionalists and the adventurous. Our chefs work hard to please every taste.

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