Father’s Day Menu

Father’s Day Menu


Olive Pate: green & black olive pate, served with pitta bread   V, GF

Cretan Olive Selection: Kalamata olives, green stuffed olives with almonds and green olives  V, GF
Add Thassos island throuba olives (PDO)

 Tzatziki: Greek yoghurt dip with cucumber & garlic, served with pitta bread   V, GF**

 Melitzanosalata: aubergine dip with feta cheese (contains mustard), served with pitta bread V, GF

 Dip selection: tzatziki, aubergine dip, houmous. Served with pitta bread  V,GF

Houmous with Cretan chilli extra virgin olive oil served with pitta bread (contains sesame seeds)   V, GF

Halloumi fries: fried halloumi slices served with honey, cinnamon & walnuts OR quince chutney OR grape molasses (GTA 2014) V

Fried calamari served with tzatziki

 Fried whitebait served with tzatziki


Lamb arhontiko: boneless lamb with Mastelo cheese (PDO) wrapped in baking paper & slowly cooked in the oven with Mediterranean vegetables and olives. Served with oven roasted lemonates potatoes GF

Kefalonian Meat Pie: beef mince in filo pastry with feta cheese & leek served with green salad and yoghurt

Chicken Pie: chicken with cheese, mushrooms, sundried tomatos, toasted sesame seeds in filo pastry served with green salad and yoghurt

Moussaka: layers of fried slices of aubergines, potatoes, beef mince and béchamel topping.
Served with feta cheese & green salad  GF 

Soutzoukakia: oven roasted beef meatballs in Politiki tomato sauce enriched with 12 sweet spices. Served
with rice & tzatziki  GF  (Add spicy pepper dip)

Chicken Souvlaki served with yoghurt, tomato sauce with orange juice and oven roasted lemonates potatoes GF

Seafood Saganaki Nisiotiko king prawns and mussels in white sauce with ouzo, served with crumbled manouri (PDO) cheese and rice GF 

Briam: Oven roasted aubergines, courgettes, sweet potatoes, peppers, onions in tomato sauce.
Served with pitta bread and feta cheese V, GFAdd GF pitta bread for £1.20

Fried veggie balls: 
Santorini tomato balls with feta cheese, Cretan aubergine balls with kefalotiri cheese and Naxos courgette balls with Graviera cheese, served with tzatziki, cumin yoghurt dip and green salad-contains egg 


Lavender baklava: filo pastry layers with walnuts, prunes & lavender syrup

White choco kataifi: shredded filo pastry rolls stuffed with almonds, apricots, coconut and drizzled with vanilla syrup

Tahini chocolate pudding served with yoghurt, black cherry & bitter almond preserve and almond flakes 

Amalthea Kataifi cheesecake: sweet manouri cheese topping on a kataifi base (shredded filo pastry) served with a slice of manouri cheese, honey, walnuts and cinnamon

Pink cake: raspberry cake served with raspberry Greek style yogurt

Kormos: semi-freddo chocolate cookie with orange preserve, orange essence, meringues & caramelised almonds GF

Lefko Armenovil of Thessaloniki: semi-freddo dessert with white chocolate, bitter almond essence, meringues,
caramelised almonds and dark chocolate nibs  GF

Vanilla ice-cream with black cherry & bitter almond preserve GF 

Chocolate ice-cream with strawberry preserve GF 


2 courses £27.00

3 courses £30.00

You can Bring your own Bottle!

Pre-order recommended

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