Festive Menu

Festive Menu

Festive Menu



Tzatziki: Greek style yoghurt with cucumber, garlic, dill, olive oil and vinegar,
served with pitta bread|GF pitta bread £1.20


Melitzanosalata: handmade aubergine spread with feta cheese -contains mustard & celery,
served with pitta bread V


Dip selection: tzatziki, handmade aubergine spread, htipiti (creamy cheese & chilli dip).
Served with breadsticks V, GF |GF pitta bread £1.20


Houmous with Cretan chilli extra virgin olive oil and paprika,
served with pitta bread (contains sesame seeds) V, GF


Htipiti: traditional Greek gallotyri cheese (creamy sheep & goat milk cheese) with chilli
served with pitta bread V, GF |GF pitta bread £1.20



Cretan Olive selection: green stuffed olives with red peppers, green stuffed olives with
almonds and green olives V, GF
Add roasted chilli and roasted basil and garlic olives for £3.00
Add Thassos island throuba olives (PDO) for £2.00

Tiganita-Fried Dishes

Deep fried feta cheese in filo pastry drizzled with sesame and honey and served with green salad V

Amalthea Flogeritses: deep fried filo pastry rolls stuffed with Cretan Kefalotiri cheese & veal pastourma (traditionally cured veal meat) drizzled with honey and sesame V

Patatokeftedes: fried potato balls with Graviera cheese & Mediterranean herbs served with tzatzikiV

Melitzanokeftedes: fried aubergine balls with Cretan Kefalotiri cheese served with tzatziki V

Calamari & Whitebait served with tzatziki & taramasalata


Cooked Appetizer-Mageirefto

Seafood Saganaki Nisiotiko king prawns, mussels, scallops in white sauce with ouzo & Mediterranean herbs served with pitta bread and crumbled manouri (PDO) cheese


Greek Salad tomato, cucumber, onion, olives, feta cheese served with pitta bread

Amalthea salad wild rocket, spinach, sundried tomato, pomegranate, walnut and deep fried Chios island mastello cheese (similar to halloumi), olive oil, sweet fruit vinegar, honey



Traditional Greek Moussaka layers of aubergine, potatoes, beef mince & béchamel topping
served with feta cheese and green salad GF

Lamb folia: slowly roasted boneless lamb with Chios island mastello cheese, thyme & rosemary
served with green salad, tzatziki & rice GF

Drunk venison-venison steak fried with brandy and herbs served with sweet potatoes & green salad GF

Sweet duck-duck thigh oven roasted with handmade quince jam, white almond flakes and essence of bitter almond, served with green salad and rice GF

Turkey fillet served with traditional Greek Christmas stuffing with beef mince, pine nut, chestnut, apricot, prune, golden currant, sweet spices and tomato sauce served with green salad and feta cheese GF

Pork shank slowly roasted with apple jam, cinnamon, honey & sweet spices
served with green salad and sweet potatoes GF

Festive chicken souvlaki slowly cooked with orange, aniseed & ouzo served with green salad and rice GF

Seafood Saganaki Nisiotiko king prawns, mussels, scallops in white sauce with ouzo & Mediterranean herbs served with spaghetti OR rice (GF) and crumbled manouri (PDO) cheese

Festive imam: stuffed aubergine with walnut, carrot, pine nut, chestnut & prune in tomato sauce & sweet spices served with sweet potatoes and feta cheese V, GF


Baklava: rich, sweet pastry made of layers of filo pastry filled with chopped walnuts and sweetened and held together with honey syrup add ice-cream for £1.20 V

Karydopita walnut cake with brandy and cocoa add ice-cream for £1.20 V

Ekmek kataifi: shredded filo pastry topped with milk custard and crushed pistachios V

Ravani: traditional Greek coconut cake with syrup add chocolate ice-cream for £1.20 V

Melomakarona: traditional Greek Christmas cinnamon cookies with walnut & brandy soaked in honey syrup add chocolate ice-cream for £1.20 V

Kourabiedes traditional Greek Christmas butter cookies with almonds drizzled with icing sugar V

Festive sweet fruit salad: yoghurt, apple, dry fig, prune, walnut, cinnamon, honey V, GF

Festive ice-cream: vanilla ice-cream, chocolate ice-cream, fig preserve, almond flakes V, GF

Christmas Day

1st seating: 12.00PM-2.30PM £38.00 (3 course meal)

1st seating: 12.00-2.30PM £30.00 (2 course meal)

2nd seating: 3.00PM till late £46.00 (3 course meal)

2nd seating 3.00PM till late £38.00 (2 course meal)

New Year’s Eve

1st seating: 6.00PM to 8.00PM £38.00pp (3 course meal)

1st seating: 6.00PM-8.00PM £32.00pp (2 course meal)

2nd seating: 8.30 till late £46.00pp (3 course meal)

2nd seating: 8.30 till late £40.00pp (2 course meal)

Kids: half portion, half price


Please note, there is a required deposit of £10 per person to secure all festive bookings. Once you have booked a table with us, a member of the Amalthea team will be in contact to arrange payment.

To book a table please click the following link: https://amaltheabistro.co.uk/book-a-table-greek-restaurant-leeds/

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