A Brand New Menu, With a Modern Twist

As many of our customers know, we’re all about authenticity at Amalthea. Our head chef , Costantinos Tsapanidis and recipe developer, Eva Chatzopoulou, don’t do things by half measure. Part of maintaining that authenticity is allowing our customers to experience everything Greek cuisine has to offer, and that means keeping our menu fresh and full of variety.

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, we’re delighted to introduce our brand new menu for the season ahead.  If you’ve eaten with us before, don’t worry – from moussaka to kleftiko your favourite meals will all still be available – but we’ve managed to source some deliciously rare and authentic Greek cheeses to enhance our dishes.  In fact, these cheeses are so good that we’ve knocked together some incredibly tasty starter and dessert platters, and they’re likely to inspire countless specials in the months ahead. Here’s a quick rundown:

Kaseri (Protected Designation of Origin)

A soft and mellow cheese that’s pale in colour. It has a buttery texture to it that’s smooth and springy, and needs at least 3 months to mature to full complexity.

Cretan Kefalotyri

Light and yellow, this is a hard textured cheese made from a blend of ewe’s and goat’s  milk. This also requires 3 months to mature and has a rich, salty and ripe taste followed by a spicy and nutty aftertaste.

Manouri (Protected Designation of Origin)

A semi-soft, fresh, white whey cheese, Manouri is produced in central and northern regions of Greece using ewe’s and goat’s milk with the addition of cream. It has a  rich taste and a smooth buttery, firm texture.


A full fat white cheese from pasteurised cow’s milk traditionally made in the island of Chios. With a semi- soft, elastic texture and milky aromas, Mastelo’s light, salty taste becomes moreish when grilled/fried.

Graviera Naxou  (Protected Designation of Origin)

This cheese won the Great Taste Award in 2015. After maturing for 2 years, it becomes a pale, under-colour, hard cheese made from 80% cow’s milks and 20%; ewe’s milk.  Produced in the island of Naxos, it’s an exceptional cheese, renowned for its light aroma and slightly piquant taste.

Cretan Smoked Cheese

A hard cheese from Crete made with pasteurized goat’s and ewe’s milk, smoked with natural beech wood and matured for at least three months. It has intense, earthy aromas with a rich, smoky flavour

Greek Artisan Bread

As if that wasn’t special enough, all of our cheeses will be served with handmade artisan bread following our dear grandmother’s recipe, and a selection of rare and naturally infused olive oils.

Loukoumades-Greek style Doughnuts

Everyone loves cheese, but our exciting menu changes don’t stop there. We took note of the overwhelmingly positive feedback we got for the loukoumades on our specials board, so we went ahead and added it to the menu.  For those who don’t know, it’s a sumptuous dessert consisting of homemade Greek-style doughnuts served with honey or nutella  & ice cream – an irresistible way to end an evening meal in the summer.

Summer Fruit Salads

We’ve also added popular summer fruit salads and incorporated some of the delicious cheeses mentioned above. These are a great choice if you’re watching your weight or just feel like eating light.

Remember, not only do we believe in authenticity at Amalthea, we also support healthy eating wherever possible. That’s why we source all of our ingredients from the very best independent Greek producers, both in Greece and here in the UK.

To find out more about our delicious new menu, you’ll have to swing by and try it for yourself! Don’t forget, our chefs are always working on interesting things off-menu too. We love traditional Greek cuisine, but we also love to experiment with more modern dishes and even create our own. You’ll always find interesting dishes on the specials board so don’t forget to take a look.  Twice a month we also host a ‘guest menu’ event which will focus on a particular region of Greece and allow you to experience some of the most unique and colourful dishes the country has to offer.

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