Amalthea Bistro: Finest ingredients and Family Heritage

At Amalthea Bistro, we take pride in blending the finest ingredients to create the most wonderful Greek dishes. The foundations of this begin with the team we brought together to introduce our authentic Greek restaurant that is full of charm and personality.

Our team comprises of four passionate Greek foodies, which is also a family affair. Siblings Georgia and Ioannis (John), John’s fiancé Eva and Cousin Costas, combine to make up our creative and knowledgeable team. Our love for authentic Greek food inspired us to set up a Greek Café, Bistro and Deli. Ioannis makes sure we have the finest ingredients in our kitchen. Eva discovers our new foods and ingredients and loves developing new recipes for them. Costas conjures up scrumptious and succulent cuisine, whilst Georgia is our front of house, ensuring that every detail of your dining experience is as it should be.

Our meals include traditional favourites, blended with modern and experimental dishes that burst with flavour, bringing an authentic taste to the table. Sourcing of the finest ingredients is key to everything that we do. In our kitchen you will find fragrant and fresh ingredients that are organic (when possible) and Fair Trade. The quintessential ingredient for every Greek kitchen is a good quality virgin olive oil, which adds a fabulous flavour to all dishes. Olive oil can be used for most types of cooking, and a good quality will always provide a beautiful taste to dishes.

Our dishes include classic Greek ingredients such as fresh olives, creamy yoghurt, succulent vine leaves and zesty lemon. We use the finest cheeses including creamy feta, sweet and nutty Cretan Graviera, sharp and spicy kafalotiri, and tangy halloumi. We have also selected award winning ingredients including spicy aubergine relish, sweet red wine sauce, zesty lemon and olive oil marmalade, and a refreshing orange and aniseed marmalade.

You too can cook with the fine ingredients that we use in our dishes, as they are available to buy from the Amalthea Deli.