About us

About us

Greek Restaurant in Leeds: Amalthea Greek Bisto

An independent, Greek-owned family restaurant

Amalthea is a brand new Greek restaurant in Leeds. It offers authentic Greek cuisine which is purely Greek – not generally Mediterranean.  Amalthea is an independent, Greek-owned family Bistro with a deli full of handmade, all-natural foods direct from small producers from all over Greece. These ingredients are often used in our recipes, original flavours from Greece. A dip made from Greek tomatoes, for example, is unique – the Greek sun makes them sweeter and more flavorsome.

The team: a family affair

As one of the very few Greek-owned restaurants in Leeds we are happy to introduce you to our team, our family – passionate foodies steeped in Greek cuisine.


Our General Manager and founder, Ioannis Papatzikakis (John) makes sure that everything at our Bistro is organized to perfection. He has a strong academic and professional background in international trade, business management and logistics. John always makes sure that our deli is fully stocked and the kitchen has all the flavours we need from Greece to create the best dishes for our customers.


Co-founder, marketer & chef Eva Chatzopoulou has a background in media studies, digital marketing and journalism (including food journalism) both in Greece and the UK. Cooking from the age of five, she runs the digital side of Amalthea Bistro and in her free time creates some delicious recipes. This is her passion – Eva develops the recipes and most of the menus.



Georgia Papatzikaki is John’s sister and has a background in business and finance. She has worked in the Netherlands and has a wide experience in customer service. She decided to join her brother in the UK to open her own Greek restaurant in Leeds. Georgia, in her work at front of house, combines her academic knowledge and passion for high quality food and excellent service.


Our chef, Costantinos Tsapanidis knew from the age of six that he would be a chef. His grandmother, Yiayia Marika, influenced him to specialize in authentic Greek cuisine. After working in busy five star hotels in Greece, and in Greek restaurants in Germany, Constantinos joined the Amalthea team. Amalthea gives him the freedom to create both traditional and modern Greek recipes as well as some experimental dishes – always based on the flavours and aromas of Greece. Constantinos is the lynchpin of the most authentic Greek restaurant in Leeds.

Ambassadors of Greek spirit and hospitality

Amalthea offers the intriguing and gorgeous flavours of Greece – but also relax with the best Greek music in a setting redolent of beautiful Greece.  Get some useful tips from our staff about your next trip to Greece. Moreover, if you’re learning Greek, practice the language with us! We are not just a Greek restaurant in Leeds, we are also ambassadors of Greek spirit and hospitality throughout Yorkshire.

Apart from our weekly specials, you can keep in touch via our social media as we organize thematic events and guest menus dedicated to specific cuisine and gastronomic ideas (always related to Greek cuisine) and tasting events.

Our moto is ‘do what you know best’ and ‘know thyself’ and therefore we will not expand our menu to include anything cannot fully support.

At least twice a year we travel back to Greece to meet our producers and taste their new creations. We never buy something we have not tried as we want our customers to taste only the best foods and ingredients from our country. Moreover, most of our fresh ingredients are locally sourced and thus our local producers are equally important to us. Our meat and free range eggs are sourced from our local butcher, Woodends of Adel and our milk is sourced from the Bramhope Grove Farm, Heron’s Dairy. The quality of our ingredients is crucial to us. A good dish is about technique and knowledge underpinned by the finest ingredients.

At Amalthea, you will enjoy the best flavours Greece has to offer. You will also enjoy warm, Greek hospitality: authentic Greece in the UK. Our Bistro is our second home. Relax with books about Greece and enjoy conversation with our well-travelled and well-read customers. We are more than a Greek restaurant in Leeds. We are your Greek friends in Leeds, always striving to guide and inspire.

We look forward to welcoming you to Amalthea!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,

The Amalthea team

P.S Our aim is to become your favourite Greek restaurant in Leeds!

See you soon!