40% OFF Tuesdays!

40% OFF Tuesdays!


Cretan Olive Selection: Kalamata olives, green olives and green olives stuffed with almond £3.30 V, GF

Dip selection: tzatziki, aubergine dip and houmous. Served with pitta bread £3.5 V, GF*

Halloumi fries: fried halloumi slices served with honey, cinnamon & walnuts OR carrot chutney OR grape molasses £4.50  V

Cretan Melitzanokeftedes: deep fried aubergine balls with Kefalotiri cheese, served with tzatziki (contain egg)  £4.20 V

Naxos Kolokythokeftedes: deep fried courgette balls with Naxos Graviera cheese, served with cumin yoghurt dip (contain egg) £4.20 V

*add GF pitta bread


Soutzoukakia: oven roasted beef meatballs in Politiki tomato sauce enriched with 12 sweet spices. Served
with rice & tzatziki  GF  £9.60

Chicken Souvlaki served with yoghurt, tomato sauce with orange juice and oven roasted lemonates potatoes GF £9.00

Kefalonian meat pie: filo pastry pie stuffed with beef mince, feta cheese and kaseri cheese, served with yoghurt and green salad £9.60

Fried veggie balls:  Cretan aubergine balls with Kefalotiri cheese and Naxos courgette balls with Graviera cheese, served with tzatziki, cumin yoghurt dip and green salad-contain egg V £8.40

Mild Spicy Gigantes: Greek butter beans cooked with Cretan chilli olive oil tomato sauce, carrots, aubergines, onions and celery, served with olives, feta cheese and dill gherkins V, GF £8.40


Lemon cake with a hint of Greek coffee served with lemon liquor & white chocolate ganache GF £3.00

Amalthea baklava with walnuts, golden currants, sweet spices and honey £3.30

Vanilla ice-cream with black cherry & bitter almond preserve GF £2.90

Greek yoghurt with honey, cinnamon & walnuts GF £2.90


Don’t forget to Bring your own Wine!