Amalathea Bistro Greek Restaurant in Leeds

Authentic Greek Cuisine

from an independent Greek-owned

family Bistro



Amalthea is a brand new Greek restaurant in Leeds. It offers authentic Greek cuisine which is purely Greek – not generally Mediterranean.  Amalthea is an independent, Greek-owned family Bistro with a deli full of handmade, all-natural foods direct from small producers from all over Greece. These ingredients are often used in our recipes, original flavours from Greece. A dip made from Greek tomatoes, for example, is unique – the Greek sun makes them sweeter and more flavorsome.



 A team of four passionate Greek foodies decided to open an authentic Greek Café, Bistro & Deli in Leeds.In the morning we serve speciality Greek coffees, gourmet sweets, sandwiches, pies and snacks.


greek restaurant

greek restaurant

Amalthea is a Greek restaurant in Leeds. It offers authentic Greek cuisine – not generally Mediterranean. It is a Greek-owned family Bistro.


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Greek Cuisine


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Our menu features traditional, modern and experimental Greek dishes made from award winning ingredients. You will always find something new to expand your taste. We use fresh, organic ingredients and fairtrade products. We support independent producers in Greece & the UK.

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island style

The Art

of Greek Cuisine

In our bistro you will find only the best Greek cuisine. We believe in cooking with fresh, all natural ingredients in the best traditions of Greek cuisine. Many of our dishes use award winning ingredients including foodstuffs available at our deli – so you can try your own Mediterranean or Greek recipes at home.


Tzatziki with flatbread

Fried eggplants slices with walnut and garlic sauce on a wooden table.

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handmade Greek foods